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Consumer Dispute Case No. ........./200 <Year of filing>

A petition under Section -11 of the Consumer Protection Act and

In the mater of : 

Mr. X


<Address of Mr. X>............................................ Complainant


Vs. Chairman & Managing Director M/s Y & Co.

<Address of Y & Co.>                                               ..... Opposite Party To

Hon'ble President and Members of District Forum

<Name of District>

This complaint petition is being filed on behalf of Mr. X, <Address of X>, referred hereafter as Complainant, and is as follows :

1.0 That this complaint Petition is being filed under Sec.


2 (1)(b)(i) of the Consumer Protection Act.


2.0 That the opposite party is a NBFC, engaged in the business of accepting deposits from the public, apart from other activities. (Description about the O.P.)

(Narration of the incident)


3.1              That on 26th December 1998 (date of deposit), the complainant deposited a sum of Rs.............(amount deposited) with the O.P., for a period of 1 year, vide Fixed Deposit receipt No........, a photocopy of the said document is furnished at Annexure - I.

3.2         That the F.D. matured on 25th December 1999 and the Complainant approached the office of the O.P., on 26th December 1999, for encashing the FD. But the staff of the Company, on some some pretext or the other delayed making the payment (Nature of problem encountered). Hence the Complainant wrote to the O.P., requesting his immediate intervention. A photocopy of the said letter is furnished at Annexure - II. But the Complainant has not been paid his dues till date.

3.3              That the non-payment of the maturity value of FD, by the O.P., on the scheduled date, amounts to deficiency in service as defined under sec. 2(1)(g) of the Consumer Protection Act.

4.0 That the O.P. has inflicted enormous amount of mental agony and financial loss on the Complainant and his family.



In view of the submissions contained in the preceding paragraphs, the complainant most respectfully prays to the Hon'ble Forum to direct the Opposite Party to :

(a)     pay the maturity value of the fixed deposit, Rs.........., along with 18 % interest ;

(b)      pay a sum of Rs. 10,000/- towards the physical strain and mental agony suffered by the complainant and his family members (compensation) ; and

(c)    pay a sum of Rs. 1,000/- towards cost of this petition (Cost); for which act of kindness, the complainant shall, as is duty-bound, ever pray.





(X) (Name) Complainant