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Rent Agreement Draft






SUMIT KUMAR S/O RAMBIR SINGH R/O H.N 36, KH NO 1644/1 PH-5, AYA NAGR EXT, NEW DELHI-110030. (Hereinafter called the First Party/Owner)




(Hereinafter called the Second Party/Tenant)


The expression of both the parties shall mean and include their respective legal heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and legal assigns.


WHEREAS the first party is the true and lawful owner OF H.N 36, KH NO 1644/1 PH-5, AYA NAGR EXT, NEW DELHI-110030.

AND WHEREAS on the request of the second party the first party wants to let H.N 36, KH NO 1644/1 PH-5, AYA NAGR EXT, NEW DELHI-110030. (Hereinafter called the property) to the second party, and the second party also has agreed to take on rent the said property on the following terms and conditions of this Rent Agreement: -

  1. That the monthly rent of the said property is fixed by and between the parties at a sum of Rs. 9,000 (Nine Thousand Only) and the second party will further pay the said monthly rent in advance on or before the 5th day of each English Calendar month to the First Party. That the Second Party shall not challenge the amount and terms of rent at any time or under any circumstances in any Court of Law.
  2. That the first party has further let out the said property to the second party for a period of 11 months w.e.f. 01/11/2020 and the second party has agreed to vacate the premises after the expiry of the period i.e., 01/10/2021. 
  3. That the Second Party will pay Water Bill and electricity bill as per consumption to the First Party or directly to the concerned authorities extra besides the aforesaid monthly rent. That the tenant/second party shall hand over the paid receipts of the same to the first party/owner from time to time. 
  4. That the house tax will be paid by the first party. 
  5. That if the First Party wants to get vacate the said premises before the expiry of tenancy period then the first party will serve one-month notice to the Second Party. Similarly, if the second party wishes to vacate the said premises before expiry of the tenancy period then the second party shall give one-month prior notice to the First Party. The tenant shall vacate the premises after clearing all the rental arrears along with other bills and will hand over the vacant possession of the said premises to the first party. 
  6. That the tenancy period can be extended further with mutual decision of both the parties. 
  7. That the Second Party will not sublet the said premises or part of the same to anybody else during the tenancy period. 
  8. That the tenancy will automatically be treated as cancelled if the monthly rent is not paid for a period of one month from the due date of payment. 
  9. That the second party shall abide by all the rules and regulations of DELHI statutory authorities.
  10. That the second party shall use the said premises for Residential purpose and not for any other purpose. 
  11. That the Second Party will not make any addition or alteration in the existing rented structure. The second party shall be responsible for the repairs of any damage to the structural electrical or sanitary installations under his/her/their occupancy. 
  12. That all minor repairs shall be carried out by the tenant and all other major repairs will be carried out by the first party/owner as and when required. 
  13. That the Second Party shall not do any illegal or unlawful activities in the above said premises if he does the same then the first party will not be liable and responsible for the same. 
  14. That the Second Party shall not keep any unauthorized inflammable and explosive things in the said premises in any manner. 
  15. That the Second Party will permit the first party or his/her/their duly authorized agent to enter the said premises for inspection or required work at any reasonable time. 
  16. That the second party will not apply for any loan, credit card at the above said address. If any loan will be pending against the second party, the first party will not be liable and responsible for the same. 
  17. That in case the tenant fails to comply with the above terms and conditions the First Party shall have the right to take possession of the premises from the said Second Party without any prior notice and evict the said tenant from the premises and terminate the tenancy from the same day.
  18. That all disputes shall be subject to DELHI Jurisdiction. 

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF, both the parties have signed this Deed of Agreement on this day, month and year as written above.







2. SECOND PARTY                                                                                           



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