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Hurt and Grievous hurt Section 319 to 326 of Indian Panel Code

What is Hurt?  what is Grievous hurt? what is the difference between hurt and Grievous Hurt? Does throwing of Acid amounts to Grievous Hurt?

The very first  the section is about Hurt, where the hurt is defined in section 319 of Indian Panel Code  now  what is Hurt, Hurt is bodily pain, disease or infirmity, bodily pain here doesn’t mean  mentally pain just physical pain, disease here means any communicable the disease then  Infirmity here means like you are able to see someone or hear something. At a part of your body which caused Impairment, you lost your eyesight,  like you became unhealthy or your that part of the body so Infirmity means this, so this amounts  to Hurt,

What three things are there under Hurt? 

Bodily pain, Disease, and Infirmity, it is different from Grievous hurt now how it is different the essence of grievous.  With  Hurt, more things are accompanied.

 Now in our next the section we will talk about Grievous hurt,    

  1. Emasculation of any man's Organ
  2. Permanent privation like permanent losing sight of eye now
  3. Permanent privation of hearing of the ear, losing the ability to hear, permanent losing the ability to hear,
  4. Breaking of any member or joint like any joint of your body breaks and it is permanent
  5. Impairing or dislocation of any member or joint Dislocation is different from breaking , We are discussing dislocation in point 5, dislocate means any part of body dislocates from its position and breaking means to break so this is the difference .
  6. Permanent disfiguration of head or face like face or head lost its normal appearance 
  7. Fracture or dislocation of bone now here we are talking about bone and not member or joint like in 5th point we also said dislocation there we talked about dislocation of member or joint , here we are talking about dislocation of bone 
  8. Casing someone such hurt, after hurt a point comes when it becomes Grievous hurt so first intention was that he will hurt but hurt changed to Grievous hurt that the person for 20 days was unable to pursue ordinary pursuits of life , such hurt was caused that more than 20 days he was unable to follow ordinary pursuits now we will come to section 321 of Indian Panel Code

Hurt has been  defined in the sense Voluntarily causing hurt here the word comes voluntarily like the person  had knowledge or hurt , he does any act with the intention of causing hurt now section  322 of Indian panel code talks about Voluntarily causing Grievous Hurt, the person had knowledge that if he  does this Act Grievous Hurt will be caused still he does that act so here section 322 of the Indian Panel code is about voluntarily causing Grievous hurt.

Section 326 A & B( Throwing Acid)

The very important section  that is section 326 A and 326 B, these section are about Grievous hurt in a sense, here IPC  talks about throwing of Acid 326 A talks about caused by the use of Acid or any other thing  which can cause Grievous Hurt which causes partial or permanent damage or any kind of  Deformity or Burns or Maims or Disfigures or disables any part of the body by throwing acid  or administering acid as supplying anyone Acid is also a Crime so that will come under  this section and will be punishable with Intention or Knowledge, Intention and Knowledge meant  like the person who is Administrating Acid or using Acid, the person had knowledge that  intention of using Acid was to throw on someone and cause Grievous hurt so this is in the  section and punishment given is 10 years and fine, such fine that medical treatment of  the person is covered with that fine so this section was about throwing Acid now next section  326 B is about Attempt to throw Acid like even Attempt to Administer someone Acid or  Attempt to throw acid is punishable under IPC Its punishment is 5 years or more and in  previous section punishment can be extended to life imprisonment and in this the punishment  is not less than 5 years.