About Us

About Lawyersera

Lawyersera is a blog, We provide a free legal advice in Consumer Complaint case, Cyber crime, and Technology Law.   We also draft various agreement, Desist Notice, Privacy Policy, GDPR Compliance policy in reasonable cost.    

Our goal

We will consider all the issues that are being reported to all the regional people of any country as interconnected, which have been declared individually.

Legal education is an education in practices, jurisprudence and law theory, which can be done for a variety of reasons to provide better knowledge to people working in the profession, even those who wish to work in the field And also provide advanced training, at most specializing in law or recent development.

Lawyersera offers  a free online learning platform offering high-quality courses on all core law subjects. These courses are best suited for students studying in universities, colleges and for those aspiring for other law-related competitive examinations, including the judiciary.

Our Story

lawyersera efforts to provide law notes for almost all the main law subjects studied by law students at every stage of their journey in the field. Through this platform we intend to reach people who are suffering from not being able to afford expensive coaching institutes or because they live in remote areas from which these institutions are very difficult to reach.

The place is a collection of comprehensive notes containing courses drawn from various books of famous authors; Compiled, written and edited by experts in the field including retired officers, professors, senior advocates, etc.